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Scanner KODAH HR 500

Scanner KODAK HR 500

  • Breakthrough productivity. Industry-leading speed (up to 500 high-resolution scans per hour)
  • DIGITAL ICE Technology* removes dust spots andblemishes, producing image files superior to the original film.
  • Big, high-quality files. KODAK Image Science produces
  • High-resolution TIFFs and JPEGs up to 128 MB.

Mass/Poids 26±0.2 kg
Dimension: Hauteur / Largeur  / Profondeur 36.8 cm x 59.7 cm  x 77.5 cm / 14.5" H x 23.5" W x 30.5" D
Scanning section
Kodak KLI-6013 sensor 6002 element tri-linear array with 3 x 6002 pixels.
Film size 35 mm, 46 mm, 120/220 (4.5x6, 6x6, 6x7,6x8,6x9) 70 mm (including split 70)
Film type Negative,  positive,  monochrome,  sepia,  and  mounted positive films
Technologie Anti poussière  Digital Ice
All the resolution you need, all the way up to 128 MB files
Density Dynamic Range 3.2 minimum.
Illumination System:
Patented high-efficiency light source

  Accessoires et options incluses:    

Power cable

SCSI Cable

Optimized for KODAK PROFESSIONAL Digital Print Production Software (DP2) and other approved lab software packages.

2000 Operating System.

TWAIN data source for WINDOWS NT System.

4,500 €
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